Hans Utbult, management consultant

Hans is an experienced consultant and has for about 20 years worked with many types of change management within organizational and business development. The work has often been run in the borderland between IT and business with both strategic IT issues and various system implementation projects, often in larger private- or public organizations. Prior to Vergenta, Hans has held various project and line roles at Nordea and has worked as a consultant and, among other things, customer manager at Accenture. Hans has a degree in economics from Uppsala University.

His experience covers all project phases, from analysis to design, implementation and evaluation. Focus areas are complex program and project management in the borderland between IT and business and to plan and run business changes with a focus on processes, organization and relevant system support. He has primary experience in engineering, banking, pharmaceuticals and the public sector.

The most important driving force for him is to understand the customer, create lasting change where it is really needed within the customers core business and is a solicited advisor to the top decision makers and management teams.

”Hans has an excellent ability to capture and understand the client’s challenges; and with humility and a positive energy explain complex problems and drive change. Hans is always a good listener and provides relevant and honest advice regarding complex problems.”