Vendela Bodén, management consultant

Vendela has a background from just under 15 years as an employee at several different authorities. For the past years, she has worked as a senior consultant for public administration, mainly in the area of ​​crisis management. Vendela’s experiences from crisis management extends from the prevention and preparation phase, to operational and evaluation of crisis from a learning perspective.

Vendela has experience from various levels of crisis management – from local, regional and national level to international assignments. This provides a good understanding of the structure and dependencies of crisis management, as well as challenges and conditions of the individual actors.

Anchoring and change processes have been a natural part of her work. One of Vendela’s strengths is the ability to, in a flexible and customized way, help organizations live up to legislation or other requirements and expectations.

Vendela has many years of experience in investigative and analytical work, where risk and vulnerability analyzes have been particularly prominent. She has worked with the risk and vulnerability analysis process at both regional and local level and has also worked with strategic development issues linked to the area.

“Vendela has a fantastic ability to listen to different needs and flexibly navigate in difficult contexts, at the same time as she is described as a real implementer who makes things happen. She is appreciated for her clarity and ability to reproduce complex things both orally and in writing in an understandable and engaging way. ”