Sandra Zätterström, Management consultant

Sandra has ten years of collected experience from working as a management consultant and project manager with wide competence within organisational development and change leadership.

She has led and supported development processes within municipal organisations, private companies and government agencies. Her experience encompasses working with visions and strategical framework, cultural development and process development. Sandra is a certified Barret Analytics consultant, and in addition to her work as a consultant, Sandra is also in charge of ‘Sverigestudien’, a national values survey.

Before starting work as a consultant, Sandra held an operational role as project manager and head of urban development at West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Engineering and Master of Science in International Project Management from Chalmers University of Technology and Northumbria University, England.

“Sandra is often appreciated for her engagement, her ability to establish trust and to deliver results. In addition she is also an appreciated facilitator with extensive experience from leading workshops, dialogues and processes.”