Niklas Ekman, management consultant

Niklas is one of the founders of Vergenta. Niklas has twenty years’ experience of organisational and operational development issues as well as change management in both public and private sectors, in the role of line manager or consultant. Niklas has an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Lund University.

Niklas is a specialist in developing organisational efficiency, focusing on issues to do with strategies and internal structures as well as governance, management and organisational follow-up. Niklas’ background and extensive expertise means that he is often commissioned by senior executives – such as CEOs and Director Generals – and managerial groups to help organisations, with the aid of analysis and qualified advice, to improve their operations and achieve stronger results.

”Niklas has two outstanding qualities that are rare: He combines razor sharp analytical skills with a flair for understanding organisations’ inner life. Niklas has the capability of seeing far into the future and often surprises with his way of finding solutions where others only see problems.”