Erica Altby, management consultant

Erica has several years of experience working at the center of Swedish public administration. She reliably meets even the highest expectations driving processes forward and analyzing complex situations, scenarios and structures. She understands the complexities of political organizations and handles shifting expectations from different actors with a solution-oriented approach.

The rebuilding of a total defence in Sweden has been present in all Erica’s previous positions, and has lent her years of experience working both at strategic as well as operational levels. Erica’s time at the Ministry for Defence and the Ministry for Justice (Crisis Management) has given her a unique understanding of related work in both the public and private sector, on local as well as regional and national levels.

For our clients, Erica has proven to be accurate, analytical and solution-oriented with great ability to understand the bigger picture, make data available and facilitate collaboration both within organizations and cross-government/-agencies. Her experience from operational crisis management at the Government Offices includes early warning, training and exercises, as well as deep understanding of the structures of the Swedish system, which has proven essential when leading courses and scenario-based discussions/tabletop exercises.