Daniel Nilsson, management consultant

Daniel is one of the founders of Vergenta. He has close to twenty years’ experience of management consulting from Vergenta and Accenture. Daniel focusses on helping decision-makers and organisations form their own strategies and implement change. He has been active as a consultant within the industrial sector in Europe and North America and within public administration in Sweden.

Daniel specialises in issues relating to organisations’ choice of strategic direction, how private and public enterprises develop their organisations and the capabilities needed to get where they want to go. His expertise and broad experience has made him a much sought after personal advisor and coach to high ranking decision-makers and management groups. Daniel has a Master’s degree in economics from the Växjö School of Business and Economics and was formerly an officer in the Armed Forces.

”Daniel is a sharp, fast thinker and that makes it really cool to work with him. He is genuinely interested in developing individuals just as much as businesses.”