Benny Jansson, management consultant

Benny has over twenty years’ experience of organizational and business development, both as a line manager and consultant. Through his positions as strategy-, unit-, and process owner at various governmental authorities, he has developed in-depth knowhow and skills within multiple areas. Benny is an experienced leader and his council tends to focus around strategy formalization and decision-making in complex environments.

Benny has a solid background from working with and around the development of civil and military defense. Because of this, he is used to functioning in complex environments with intricate dependencies, and is well equipped in identifying and explaining important actions in turbulent circumstances.

The most important driver for Benny is to create real value to the customer in a way that is coherent with the culture and abilities of the organization at hand. He is a curious person with little prestige, which further helps him navigate through uncertain situations.

“Benny is that really relaxed and level-headed person that always says the things that make everything fall into place. I’m not entirely sure how he does it, but I’m equally impressed every time!”