Mattias K Engström, management consultant

Mattias has more than 20 years of experience from the Swedish civil service, including 14 years in managerial positions within different government agencies and the Government Offices of Sweden. He has held positions as head of unit, head of department, chief of staff, process owner and deputy director (Prime Minister’s Office). Mattias is a political scientist from Stockholm University, and a former commissioned officer in the Swedish Armed Forces (Army), who formerly specialized in the intelligence and security field. He has vast management experience from the complex system of public affairs and has of today served 7 years as a management consultant with Vergenta, primarily in support of an even more efficient civil service.

Mattias works in the field of enhancing organizational structures, operations and governance but keeps up with his original specialization in homeland security and civil society’s ability to withstand the effects of crisis or war. He has several years’ experience as chief of security in various areas including sectors with high level protection requirements. Mattias is a graduate from several command level courses (Swedish Defence University) in the field of crisis management and civil defence.

”Mattias is always unbelievably well-prepared and analytical. He’s amazingly good at getting his message across in a constructive, humble, committed way.”