About Vergenta

Vergenta is a Swedish management consulting company that supports managers and leaders in making and implementing crucial decisions to bring lasting results. Vergenta implements lasting change at various levels in both business and public administration. While we are driven by innovation and constant progress, we also value both reflection and experience.

Vergenta supports our clients from analysis and assessment, through decision-making and planning to implementation and follow-up. We are relevant, practical and do not complicate matters.

Top Management Level

Vergenta works with issues at the top of management agenda

90% of our clients are at the highest management level. Half are either CEOs or Director Generals.

Vergenta is hired by managers and leaders who need to make and implement crucial decisions. We work with issues that are high up on the management’s agenda.

Repeat customers

Vergenta’s clients come back

Vergenta’s clients come back. 70% of the customers we have worked with during the last 5 years are repeat customers. We have also worked with many of them over a number of years.

Vergenta’s clients feel secure that Vergenta will take responsibility for solving the client’s challenges and achieving lasting results.

Unique customers

Over the last 5 years, Vergenta has worked with around 50 unique customer organisations from both business and the public administration.

of stable operation and continuously positive results

Since its inception, Vergenta has maintained stable operations and is in ever-increasing demand.

Our philosophy

For Vergenta, a close relationship with the customer is key. As advisors, we can use such closeness to put ourselves in the customer’s position and work with credibility for the customer’s benefit in a sincere, responsible and committed manner. We arrive at the best solutions by means of our clear thinking and structured way of working, considering the overall picture and the context in the long term, creating a through-line in our work, and having the courage to take responsibility for always putting the customer’s best interests first. To us, courage means consistently and faithfully arguing for what we believe will have real impact and lasting value in our customer’s specific situation.

The Vergenta story

Niklas Ekman and Daniel Nilsson first met during a comprehensive process of change within one of Sweden’s larger government agencies. Daniel was working for Accenture as a supplier to Niklas and Mats, who were the client leads on the project. During the assignment period, they couldn’t help but notice that they shared a lot of common ground. Daniel had been thinking about starting his own consulting business for some time and Niklas and Mats were driven by the will to find a platform where experiences from both business and public administration could be brought together and function as an independent bridge between the two. The dream of establishing their own consulting company was born and, in April 2006, the step was taken with the founding of Vergenta.

– Vergenta was born out of the will to build a company where people who are passionate about being advisors and resolving difficult challenges get the chance to live, grow and work toward a common goal, meet like-minded people and delve deeply into the challenges that face managers, leaders and organisations, says Niklas.

The foundations for many of Vergenta’s current strengths were already laid down at the very inception of the company. Daniel and Niklas had sat down in their empty offices in Skeppargatan in Stockholm, with no immediate assignments or customers. This gave them time to define what type of business Vergenta should develop into, what kind of assignments they wanted Vergenta to take on and how employees, as Vergenta advisors, should approach and work together with clients.

– To start with, there were three principles from which we worked: 1) No-nonsense consulting – our way of working was to be direct and focussed and the solutions we arrived at were to be relevant and pragmatic. 2) We were going to work with and not for our customers – our view is that consultant’s reports that lie gathering dust on shelves are worthless. 3) Broad experience and competence – we’re great believers in those who build up customer relations and sell assignments also being those who deliver the goods and take responsibility all the way through. As the main owners, we work actively in the business. These principles remain at the core of our way of working, says Daniel.

– We’re very much a value-driven company. Our shaping of the company and our approach as consultants now manifests itself in our philosophy, adds Niklas.

Daniel and Niklas both agreed that they wanted to build a company, not simply take on consultancy assignments on a one man basis. The initial period was tough but, understandably, both enjoyable and exciting. The expression ’building something with one’s bare hands’ was tangibly present in the early days.

– In the beginning, the fact that we couldn’t take either customers or income for granted was a huge motivating factor that still exists today. This was later combined with the feeling of humility you get when customers come to us with really difficult and demanding problems that we help solve. I think that’s been one of the keys to Vergenta’s success, says Daniel.

Vergenta has now been going for over ten years and, during that time, has handled a multitude of challenges faced by managers, leaders, and operations in both the private and public sectors. In many cases, former Vergenta employees have gone on to take up senior management positions in both sectors. And what of the future?

– We are driven to continue working in our own way in the long term to develop and build up our qualified, relevant consulting company. We will continue to identify and solve the right problems for our customers and to be a leading adviser in our field when it comes to creating customer value, employee value and shareholder value. And one positive side effect of that is that we keep growing step by step, says Niklas.

If you’d like to know more about how Vergenta was created or how we view the future, then contact Daniel or Niklas!